Your Guide To Cellular Blinds

If you’re not familiar with cellular blinds, also know as cell shades, don’t feel bad – they’re a bit of a hidden treasure in the world of window coverings. The “honeycomb” design of cellular blinds not only gives them a unique and attractive look, it means they have some distinct advantages over other types of blinds. Let’s examine the many reasons why you should definitely consider cellular blinds for your next window project.

Energy Efficient blinds

The cellular construction of cell shades, combined with the metallised backing in each cell, gives them special thermal properties. Compared to other less advanced window coverings, they’ll keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving you money on those air-conditioning and heating bills.

Noise Reducing

The unique design of cellular blinds doesn’t just assist with temperature control, the shape also naturally breaks up sound waves, helping to reduce the noise leaving or entering the room in question.

Dust Resistant

Dust can be a big concern for some people, e.g. asthmatics, but they’ll be pleased to know that the fabrics used to make cell shades are dust resistant.

Plenty of Styles

If you’re worried that being a “hidden treasure” means there will be less styles of cellular blinds to choose from, don’t be. There are a heap of fashionable textures, colours and opacities on offer. We’ll cover that third category in the next point…

Levels of Light Control

When it comes to cell shades, there are different fabric options available from block-out (solid) to sheer, depending on the amount of light you want to be admitted through the blinds themselves.

Operation Options

Whatever your preferred method of blind operation, there are sure to be some of these energy efficient blinds to suit. From standard cord lock to easy rise with a looped cord, lite-rise cordless, motorised or battery, cell shades can cater to every situation in the home or workplace.

Widely Fittable

The advantages cellular blinds have over other sorts of window coverings don’t lessen their versatility, either. They can be manufactured to fit in all kinds of spaces, including oddly shaped windows, arches and skylights.

Very Useful Variations

Duolite Day/Night Blinds – These particular cell shades are composed of two fabrics: solid block-out fabric for night-time privacy, and a transparent fabric for daytime privacy.

Top-Down Cellular Blinds

Bottom-Up Cellular Blinds

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Blinds – These cell shades allow the operator to bring the blind up from the bottom and drop the blind down from the top. Thus, prying eyes are prevented from seeing in while enough light is still admitted.

Interested in Cellular Blinds?

Contact Perfect Blinds today! A family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958, we’ll find just the right variety of these energy efficient blinds for your property. True to our name, we aim for perfection in manufacturing, installation and customer satisfaction. To discuss your blinds requirements, you can visit our Cheltenham store, phone 1300 366 399, email or submit an enquiry via the form on this website.

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