The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds

At Perfect Blinds, we offer a wide range of quality indoor and outdoor blinds to meet every budget, décor and intended level of use – whether it’s for a private, commercial or industrial setting. One classic sort of indoor window covering we offer is vertical blinds. These blinds offer several distinct advantages, which are worth listing…

Affordable Vertical Blinds

Pretty self-explanatory, this point. You won’t break the bank covering your windows (and sliding/bifold doors) with these blinds, especially given the many other benefits they provide, as detailed below.

Vertical Blinds are Easy to Maintain

When it comes to cleaning, the panels that make up vertical blinds aren’t difficult to handle, nor are there any annoying spots you’ll struggle to reach. Along with this, in the rare event you need to replace a stained or damaged panel, doing so is also fairly easy. It’s generally a matter of merely unclipping the old panel and clipping in the new.

Vertical Blinds Give Good Light/Privacy Control

Vertical blinds are comparable to fellow favourite Venetian blinds in the amount of control they allow over light and your amount of privacy simply by tilting the panels. Some would say they are even better than Venetians in this department. We’d suggest it’s a case-by-case thing, but vertical blinds are undeniably excellent at filling a room with sunshine, making it quite dark or achieving every light level in between!

Vertical Blinds are Fashionable

Let’s start with the obvious: vertical blinds boast nice clean lines that automatically give a room a modern feel. Furthermore, they are available in an array of on-trend styles, patterns and colours. If you think you’ve already seen everything that vertical blinds have to offer, think again. A visit to a quality supplier such as Perfect Blinds to view the latest releases will open your eyes to just how fashionable these window coverings can be.

Vertical Blinds Provide Insulation

Sometimes you will want your vertical blinds drawn completely to the side. But when they are in the fully closed position, you can use these blinds to deflect outside heat in summer or retain inside warmth in winter. They also add an extra layer of insulation in terms of blocking out unwanted sound.

Vertical Blinds are Ideal for Certain Situations

Got wide windows? Consider vertical blinds. How about sliding doors? Vertical blinds should definitely be your No. 1 option in this case. Bifold doors? Same deal. For certain room setups, there is simply no more practical window covering than vertical blinds.

You can even use vertical blinds together with curtains if you really want both.

For Top-Quality Vertical Blinds…

Contact Perfect Blinds today! A family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958, we’ll find just the right variety of these versatile blinds to suit your property. True to our name, we aim for perfection in manufacturing, installation and, of course, customer satisfaction. To discuss your specific blinds requirements, you can visit our Cheltenham store, phone 1300 366 399, email or submit an enquiry via the form on this website.

Perfect Blinds was founded in 1958 by Bernard and Serena Weinstein as a small, local window furnishing and blinds shop in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Balaclava. Through their blinds shop, the couple initially manufactured 50mm aluminium Venetian blinds, which were highly fashionable at the time, and supplied them to the local Melbourne community.

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