Our Premium Curtain Range

They may have been around since ancient times but the look and movement of quality curtains never fails to delight the eye. Of course, these window coverings are extremely practical and versatile, too. At Perfect Blinds, we have an extensive range of curtains, including many affordable curtains and on-trend curtains. Below you’ll find both a guide to our quality curtains, plus a few reminders of what makes these furnishings such an all-time great window solution.

We Have Curtains in Many Colours, Patterns, Prints and Textures

No other window covering can match curtains for the sheer variety of styles available, and at Perfect Blinds our range just keep expanding. The selection is continually evolving as well, meaning that if it’s on-trend curtains you are after, you’ll find them in our store. There’s also never any shortage of affordable curtains among all of the colours, patterns prints and fabric textures we carry. So, whether fashion or budget is your priority, we can definitely help with so many hues, designs and materials, you’ll be struggling to pick a single favourite.

We Have Curtains in a Number of Different Finishes (Pleats)

Our premium curtains come with various finishes, depending on the vibe you want to achieve. For an uneven, more natural look, a gathered heading allows the curtain fabric to fall randomly. By contrast, an S-pleat heading results in a smooth S-flow where the fabric sits neatly. In between these two, a pinch-pleat heading gives some (but not too much) order to the way the fabric falls. Note that the S-pleat is particularly effective as a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall option.

We Have Curtains to Suit Every Situation, However Big or Small

Regardless of how many rooms whose windows you need to cover, or the window shapes and sizes, we can assist. Similarly, if you’re planning to combine curtains with another type of covering such as blinds, that’s not a problem, either. For example, if you want a light, sheer curtain to team with a heavy blackout roller blind, we’ll find the perfect complement.

We can provide attractive quality curtains in a fabric type spot on for the level of light control you wish to achieve. Ditto the levels of climate control/insulation, noise reduction and night-time privacy.

We understand that the right new curtains can completely refresh the look of a property, drawing the eye while also bringing out the rest of each room’s features. For this reason, we’re happy to use our years of experience and the practical knowledge gained to guide you through the admittedly enormous selection of curtains until you reach the one that meets every requirement.

For Top-Quality Curtains and Much More!

Perfect Blinds is a family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958 that aims for excellence in all areas: manufacturing, installation and customer satisfaction. To discuss affordable curtains, on-trend curtains and any other sort of indoor/outdoor window covering, feel free to visit our Cheltenham store, phone 1300 366 399, email sales@perfectblinds.com.au or simply submit an enquiry via the form on this site.

Perfect Blinds was founded in 1958 by Bernard and Serena Weinstein as a small, local window furnishing and blinds shop in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Balaclava. Through their blinds shop, the couple initially manufactured 50mm aluminium Venetian blinds, which were highly fashionable at the time, and supplied them to the local Melbourne community.

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