Pivot Arm Awning


The Alpha pivot arm awning has a heavy-duty design, allowing for optimal airflow due to the arc formed by the awning arms and fabric, meaning your windows can remain open whilst the awning in extended. These awnings are also ideal for outward opening windows and larger windows up to five metres wide.

Also known as drop down awnings, this product is extremely versatile as the pivot arm is installed about half way down the drop, meaning the further you wind the blind out, the further the arm drops towards the bottom of the window.

Our pivot arm awnings in Melbourne also come with the option to include a sliding guide rail for each pivot arm to smoothly glide up and down. These sliding rails allow you to adjust the fixing point of the arm anywhere along the rails and therefore, change the angle and tension of the projected fabric to create a canopy or folding arm look.

You can also move the arms down to the bottom of the rail to be used like an auto awning on a standard window, where when you wind the awning out, the arm drops down where it can be stopped at any point. This gives you control of the amount of sunlight streaming directly into the home.

Alpha pivot arm awning is extremely versatile, making it perfect for most outdoor areas. If you think this product could be what you’re looking, then please complete our contact form to arrange a free measure and quote for you.


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