Plantation Shutters


A stunning feature of domestic interior design, Plantation Shutters are individually designed and handcrafted with attention to detail, providing you with a modern window covering that adds style, sophistication and value to your home.

Providing you with complete control over the light, heat, and air that enters your room, the exceptional thermal insulation properties of Plantation Shutters ensure your room is kept at an optimal temperature all year round, saving you money on your energy bills.

Available in a range of framing options including hinged, bi-folding, sliding track and fixed styles, our Shutters come in an assortment of widths with the choice of a traditional tilt rod or hidden bar at the rear. Tilt the louvers open for a view or close them to maximise your privacy and overall light control.

Our Plantation Shutters are sourced from a range of high-grade materials including Basswood, Canadian Western Red Cedar, PVC and Aluminium.


Basswood is a premium kiln-dried hardwood, which is an ideal choice for interior shutters. One of the most widely used materials for its lightweight strength, fine texture, pale tone and low grain factor, its smooth finish is perfect for painting and staining. Its resistance to warping and superior gluing and finishing properties, ensure it will last you a lifetime.

Canadian Western Red Cedar

Canadian Western Red Cedar is a high-grade, hand-selected Canadian Cedar that has a soft red/brown colour and looks stunning in an oil or lacquered finish, showing off the natural characteristics of the timber. Chosen for its distinct appearance, aroma and durability, these shutters, like Basswood, will resist cracking and warping.


Using a mixture of PVC and timber, this low maintenance product looks and lasts like any natural product. Its resistance to moisture, heat and humidity, make it ideal for wet or hot areas like showers, kitchens and sunrooms.


Ideal for external applications, Aluminium is a rigid, lightweight material that is designed to be maintenance free and withstand the harsh Australian conditions. They can be used to cover external windows, as doorways, or to separate your outdoor areas, providing you with sun control, wind control, privacy and security.

With an impressive range of painted and stained colours to choose from, there’s a style to suit everyone.

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