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Cellular blinds are the hidden gem in the blind industry, as they are energy efficient blinds, with one of the highest energy efficiency ratings of any blind on the market. They also have the most options of operation and versatility, than any other blind on the market. Our cellular blinds in Melbourne can also be made for odd shaped windows, angels, arches and skylight windows.

The cellular construction of the dust resistant fabric and the metalised backing in the cells, is what gives this product its energy efficiency qualities. It also has sound reduction qualities due to the cellular shape, which brakes up the sound waves and reduces outside noise.

Cellular blinds come in a range of textures, colours, cell sizes and opacities. Translucent, block-out and sheer fabric options will provide you with the ultimate choice in light control. With a range operation choices including standard cord lock, easy rise with a looped cord, literise cordless, motorised or battery, we’ve got you covered.

Our top down, bottom up blinds give you the freedom to bring the blind up from the bottom as well as drop the blind down from the top. This gives you the ability to stop people seeing in, while still letting the light in. While our Duolite or day night blinds have 2 fabrics joined a translucent at the top for daytime privacy and blockout at the bottom for night time privacy and insulation. This can be operated with cord lock, easy rise and literise.

So remember, if insulating your home is a priority, you want to reduce the cost of your utilities all year round or if you have an odd shaped window, then our range of modern cellular window shades is what you’re looking for! Combine style, versatility and functionality with this relaxed window furnishing that is soft and luxurious in appearance, whilst being deceptively strong and easy to maintain. Contact us today for a free measure and quote and discover the difference.


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