Auto Awnings


Extremely durable and timeless, auto awnings have stood the test of time for over 50 years. Made to withstand the toughest Australian conditions, they will protect you against the harsh sunlight and reduce the heat inside your home, keeping you cool in summer and helping you save on your solar energy expenses.

Our auto awnings pull down over your window to protect your home form the summer sun and heat, using out 100% blockout canvas. These blinds can be used on two story homes as fixed guide awnings, meaning the guide rails come out on an angle and the blind is pulled down with a rope and tied off to hold in in position. You also have the option to choose an awning arm length the suits you by using a pull stick to bring the blind down.

Our auto awnings are also suitable for ground floor installations over windows, patios and verandas, where the awning can be operated by hand. The self-locking arm makes operation easy and helps the awning stop anywhere you want along the length of the side rails. This allows you to keep your windows open, providing a steady stream of fresh air.

Available in a selection of canvas, acrylic, and mesh fabrics, we can coordinate the colorbond head box to match the style of your awning and the colour scheme of your home. We also have a vast range of different plain and striped pattern designs to select from.

If you’re looking for a product that has proven itself over time and need a solution to help keep your home cool in summer, then our auto awnings are what you need. Complete our contact form or call our showroom to book your free measure and quote today.


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