Sundream Awnings


Sundream awnings are a retractable roofing system, that can be added to an existing structure or made with its own post and rail system which is able to run horizontally and vertically. Our sun awnings are designed to go on patio areas or to be installed over skylight windows to provide shade and relief from the hot Australian sun. This is done through a self-mounting system on posts, eliminating the need for existing structures such as pergolas.

The Sundream or conservatory awning system is completely motorised with sturdy aluminium guide tracks designed for durability. This robust awning contains two heavy-duty spring units that are increasingly loaded while the awning extends, ensuring the fabric remains taut and runs smoothly. The highly versatile 'steer around' function enables it to turn corners of up to 90 degrees, perfect for when you want your roof shading to provide wall shade as well. Sundream awnings are also made using acrylic fabric, as it holds if shape well.

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